Abalone Shell with Chips (Clearance)
Abalone Shell with Chips (Clearance)
Abalone Shell with Chips (Clearance)
Abalone Shell with Chips (Clearance)
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Abalone Shell with Chips (Clearance)

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These abalone shells are new and unused but contain flaws that prohibit them from passing our regular quality checks. We don't like to waste anything, especially these guys, so we are offering them up at discounted rates! 

Unlike the other items in our clearance section these abalone shell pictures are examples! The shell that you receive may not be one of the ones in the pictures. The pictures are here to show a variety of what we have in stock. 

What you can expect:

  • Each shell is at least 5" long but could be up to 6.5"
  • The shells will still function to hold incense
  • Chips on the inside rim and/or on the outer edges
  • May have cracks

Some of these shells are perfect in coloration and are only flawed due to the chips or cracks but we cannot guarantee that will be the only thing wrong with it. 

Your shell's flaws may include: dark black or brown discolored areas (due to the resin on the inside that makes them shiny being heated a little too much), holes, barnacles, etc.

Please review images and text carefully. These shells are on clearance and not eligible for return or refund!

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